Our story starts in 1934, when our great-grandfather Ciro Sciortino and his four sons bought the Torretta Estate, where they had been working for many years. The farm grows up, the wide sweeps of wheat are spaced out with vineyards and olive grows and cultivated by mules. our great grandfather develops the vineyards, priducing a strong, alcoholic wine, which brings all the energy of the sicilian sun, and selling it on local market.


In 1950 his daughter Grazia marries a young landowner named Rosario, even though his friends call him Sasà. The farm grows still, they had to work hard to cultivate 100 hectars!


Though, the heritage that Gaspare and Rosario Triolo, the current owners, received from their ancestors is the passion for their job. They graduated as agronomist in Palermo and then came back to Camporeale to renew the family farm, giving it a new life with an international prospect.


Terre di Gratia is a modern and sustainable farm, today, that gives value to native varieties, such as Perricone, through the organic production and the use of renewable energies and of natural packages.