Our Vineyards


They lay over a total area of almost 10 hectares, from 100 mts above sea level up to about 300 mts.

They are divided into five varieties:

Perricone: just over 1.5 hectares, it is the less productive grape variety but also the one which best adapted to its territory, where it expresses to the maximum, both in Rosé and in red, on one parcel only: nr. 170.

Catarratto: on an area of about one hectare we have selected a Cru area, on which we collect the grapes for our 27 and two areas in which we produce the Catarratto Easy and the Perle di Grazia

Syrah: it’s the international variety that best adapted to the Sicilian climate, very well grown in our 1.5 hectares from which we obtain the Don Sasà Syrah; it also contributes to produce the NeroSirà.

Nero D'Avola: our largest field, over 4 hectares, and also the closest to the Belice River, in an extreme microclimate. Here we produce Don Sasà Nero D'Avola, but also the grapes for NeroSirà.

Grillo: less than one hectare for a particular expression of this aromatic grape, from which we obtain our Don Sasà Grillo.