Native grape varieties


Grapevine (Vitis Vinifera) has a considerable number of varieties, often very different one from another.

The native grapevines are the varieties of grapes that have been selected over time by the winemakers, locally, looking for the ones that best adapt to their territory, usually a very small area (eg Province) as in the case of  Perricone and Catarratto.

Some of these varieties were then successfully planted also in the neighboring provinces and regions, such as the Grillo, originally coming from the province of Trapani, and the Nero d' Avola, widespread in the south-east of the island. Some of them were planted even in another nation, as the case of Syrah, selected in France but particularly able to adapt to the different areas and microclimates in the world.


The wines obtained from native grapes are the maximum expression of a variety in its territory; international ones are a local interpretation.