Gaspare and Rosario are the owners of Terre di Gratia, the fifth generation of this family winery located in Camporeale, in the very core of western Sicily.


In our brand Terre di Gratia (that we can translate like “graceful fields”) we find our values: Gratia is a latin word that means elegance, equilibrium and respect.


Since we both spent our childhood and raised among the vines, we're fully linked to tradition, of course. And that's why we keep cultivating with the organic method and pay great attention to sustainability: we think that everyone of us has to preserve his little slice of territory for the next generation, as our ancestors did.


But we are agronomists too, so our approach to the wine is professional and scientific, we may say.


Now, our project is to rediscover ancient grape varieties (like Perricone and Catarratto), find the right soil and exposure to get to the perfect ripening of the grapes and finally use only steel or concrete tanks and the exclusive selected indigenous yeasts to preserve the identity of the grapes.

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