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The Team

Cettina Piazzacommunication and social media.

New entry in the team, passionate about photography, manages social media communication and organizes events, in an original and innovative way.

Rosario Trioloproduction and quality.

Agronomy studies, always “down to earth” coordinates the work in the vineyard and in the cellar, improving the quality of Terre di Gratia organic wines every day.

Gaspare Triolocommercial and marketing.

Master in wine business, always “with his head in the clouds”, he is often around to promote and make Terre di Gratia organic wines known, supporting customers both in Italy and abroad.

The Terroir

The Terre di Gratia vineyards and olive groves are located in Camporeale, 40 km south of Palermo, exactly halfway between the north and south coasts of Sicily.

This condition creates a unique microclimate, with strong temperature variations between day and night and a typically island ventilation, which mitigates the torrid summer heat. It is therefore a particularly suitable area for viticulture and olive growing. Our vineyards are located on a single slope of the Valle del Belice, facing south-east, on mainly clayey soils.

This terroir is capable of giving Terre di Gratia Sicilian wines and organic extra virgin olive oils elegance, balance and softness.

Terre di Gratia - Il terroir

Our vineyards

Mappa catastale terreni Terre di Gratia

Rigorously cultivated organically, they extend over a total area of almost 10 hectares, lying on the side of a hill which, starting from 100 m a.s.l. reaches up to about 300 m.

They are divided into 5 different varieties:

The Perricone

with just over 1.5 hectares, it is the least productive vine but also the one best adapted to its territory, in which it expresses itself at its best, both in rosé, with our Dama Rosa, and in red, on the single parcel, the 170.

perricone terre di gratia
catarratto terre di gratia

The Catarratto

on an area of about one hectare we have selected a Cru area, where we harvest the grapes for our 27 and two areas where we produce the Dama D’oro and the Perle di Grazia.

The Syrah

it is the international variety best adapted to the Sicilian climate, it is grown very well in our 1.5 hectares from which we obtain the Don Sasà Syrah.

syrah terre di gratia
grillo terre di gratia

The Grillo

less than one hectare for a particular expression of this aromatic vine, from which we obtain our Don Sasà Grillo.

The Nero d'Avola

it is the largest estate, over 4 hectares and also the closest to the Belice river, in an extreme microclimate. Here the Don Sasà Nero D’Avola was born.


Our story begins in 1934 with our great-great-grandfather Ciro Sciortino and his four sons, who bought the Feudo di Torretta, in which they had worked for many years as sharecroppers.

Under the impetus of the Sciortino brothers, the Torretta farm grew and developed, the immense expanses of wheat are interspersed with vineyards and olive groves and cultivated with mules, the tractors of the time. The great-grandfather Vincenzo, the most active of the four children and a gentleman of the past, developed the cultivation of the vine, transforming the grapes into wine and selling the product on the local markets; strong wines, spirits that retain all the energy of the Sicilian hinterland sun.

In 1950 his only daughter, Grazia, marries a young landowner, tempered by the Sicilian sun, whose name is Rosario, but whose friends call Sasà. The company is still growing, it works well, but a lot and with enormous effort: 100 hectares is a lot for modern agricultural vehicles, let alone those of the time!

And this is the legacy that Gaspare and Rosario Triolo, the current owners of the company, have: the passion for their work.

Growing up in Palermo and graduating in agriculture, the two young entrepreneurs returned to Camporeale to give new life to the family business, modernizing it and placing it in a new production context, which closes the supply chain and offers itself on international markets.

The rediscovery of forgotten native varieties, such as Perricone, strictly organic production, the use of renewable energy and natural materials for packaging, make Terre di Gratia a modern and sustainable company.

Terre di Gratia

Via Principe n. 19, Camporeale (PA)

P.Iva: 05141490820